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As dedicated pension specialists we provide a wide range of services using our unrivalled experience and expertise. We are innovative, dynamic and agile, enabling us to adapt to all industry developments, and always tailor our services to your specific needs.

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Our key services

Administration consulting

The demands from members for more information about their pensions, and the Regulator’s push for all types of scheme and providers to consolidate, is being felt far wider than any other changes in the industry for many years. So the features and products offered to scheme members need to change and evolve.

We can use our long experience working with members, trustees, employers and administration providers to redesign and update your member offering or back-room service, to make them suitable for today’s and tomorrow’s market place.

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DC schemes

DC pensions are thought to be simpler than DB schemes – in concept they may be, but far too often, by accident or design, they just aren’t.

What’s more, the current requirements, practicalities and costs of running a DC scheme are so much more than those expected when many were set up.

We can help you review all aspects of your DC scheme to ensure smooth and efficient running, now and into the future.

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DB schemes

Isinglass stand out from the crowd by having real world hands-on experience of directly managing large DB schemes and we’re proud to have worked with some of the largest employers and DB schemes in the UK.

We also know what it takes to actually make things happen inside large organisations and have a long track record in developing and implementing major change projects.

Our record of continuous innovation keeps us at the forefront of industry best practice.

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Pension Manager and Scheme Secretary roles

We have real hands-on practical experience of acting as Pension Managers and providing Scheme Secretarial services to both DB and DC schemes.

We can slot straight into a roles and hit the ground running. This can be either whilst a permanent employee is recruited, or as an additional resource alongside the current incumbent whilst a significant project (or projects) is completed.

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Provider selections

Outsourcing of pension scheme service has become commonplace. However, each provider has their own specialisms and so it’s critical to choose one that offers the most appropriate services and value for money and who is willing to develop their offering to your future needs.

Isinglass have developed a rigourous approach to reviewing and selecting providers, that focuses on your requirements, and provides detailed and up-to-date information about all areas of the market , meaning that we can quickly narrow an appropriate shortlist of viable candidates.

Of course, as “do-ers“, Isinglass can also also ensure a smooth implementation process as well.

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Master Trust Providers

Isinglass offer an extensive range of experience in relation to master trusts.

We have been involved in all aspects of designing, starting, authorising, running and closing master trusts over the past decade, with direct involvement with more than a dozen different master trusts.

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Other areas of expertise

Adviser reviews

How can we help

As pension schemes require input from a many different parties, it’s important from a governance perspective to monitor and regularly review providers and advisers to ensure that they continue to offer the most appropriate level of service and value for money.

Isinglass have developed a rigorous approach to reviewing external suppliers which includes both quantitative and qualitative aspects and also covers value for money.

If subsequently required, Isinglass also have a rigorous approach to provider selection and implementation exercises.

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Member communications

The successful implementation of a project, regardless of its nature, is always determined by whether members understand and appreciate the changes.

This applies to significant pension change projects, changes to DC investment defaults and fund choices, the introduction of new retirement options, to a change of administrator, and all things in between.

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To ensure your pension team and Trustees are fully aware of the latest scheme benefits, administrative procedures and legal changes, requires an ongoing programme of training and development.

Isinglass can provide an initial  ‘gap analysis’ and then design and deliver bespoke training programmes to address any shortfalls , using the latest in technology to deliver face to face and online training sessions.

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Isinglass has worked with some of the UK’s largest employers on the implementation, day to day running and review of auto-enrolment.

As many of these have complex processes and requirements, involving multiple payrolls and providers, we can steer you away from many pitfalls and bring our experience to help you improve auto-enrolment compliance and processing.

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