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The successful implementation of a project, regardless of its nature, is inevitably determined by whether those impacted, understand and appreciate the outcome. This applies to all aspects of pension arrangements, from pension change projects, changes to DC investment defaults/options, introduction of new retirement options, to a change of administrator, and all things in between.

We understand how members think and what they want/need to hear/read. We are able to assist in all aspects of communicating changes to members (or even reminding them of the status quo), from writing/reviewing member booklets, to announcements and websites, to ‘dummy’ testing online modellers, to drafting and delivering member presentations.

Member presentations
We have extensive experience of writing and delivering presentations to all levels of staff. We pride ourselves on being able to pitch the content at the right level required in order to get the correct message across. We can be entirely flexible in terms of time and location (having done many a session in the staff canteen at midnight for the night shift!) and are entirely comfortable standing in front of audiences of any size and make up.

Scheme booklets and announcements
Over the years, we have seen more member booklets covering all scheme types than is probably healthy, but it has given us a clear view on what works and what doesn’t work . We are able to critically review materials from the eyes of the member and make clear editing changes.

Website modeller testing
We can act as your guinea pigs when testing new sites or modelling tools. We’re able to put ourselves in your members’ shoes , ask the wrong questions, press the wrong buttons etc. and really give you a view as to whether the site is achieving its aims. We can also provide a more technical approach to the testing of modellers and projection tools.

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