Our lead directors have significant senior level Pensions and HR Shared Services experience, spanning a broad range of employers, roles and projects. Chances are that if you have an ‘issue’, we will have seen something like it before.

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Major projects that we have undertaken recently include scheme reviews, implementations and consolidations, administration out-sourcing and in-sourcing, DC and DB investment strategies, auto-enrolment analysis and implementation, reviews of member communications programmes, DC scheme governance (both reviews and ongoing provision), bulk transfers of DC members to master trusts (including provider selection and implementation), and provider DC strategy reviews, together with the setting up and winding-up of a number of Master Trusts.

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We will be agile and responsive to your needs and can work in a style and at locations which suit you, to ensure that we work together in the most effective and efficient way.

We have no house views or distant management pressure to meet demanding fee income targets so we can call it as we see it , and never sit on the fence . We don’t promote services that aren’t relevant, we won’t ‘reinvent wheels’ at our clients’ expense and we always look for the simple rather than complicated solution.

We have no ‘products’ of our own, so our objective is always to put your interests first to help you achieve the best outcome rather than being concerned with covering our own backs or maximising our future fee income.

Value for money
Our low overheads and lack of external shareholders enable us to provide blue-chip consultant quality and experience at a fraction of the cost you’d normally expect to pay. In addition, we can be highly flexible and will always endeavour to find a fee structure to suit each client. We will always be transparent in our charging approach and prefer fixed fees wherever possible.

Team players
We are very used to working with both in-house teams and external consultants . We don’t attempt to compete with anyone – ‘point-scoring’ is just not our style – rather we enjoy sharing ideas for the greater good. If our skill set is not ideal for a specific project, we’ll say so rather than ‘bluffing’ our way through it.

Unlike most consultants, we won’t just turn up, espouse ‘good ideas’ and then leave clients to it. We are very happy to ‘get our hands dirty’ and assist with – or take on – the implementation of these ideas. From high-level project management, liaising with your internal stakeholders, negotiating with external suppliers etc., we can act as ‘another pair of hands’ to get the changes that you want, in place. We don’t just say, we do .

Pensions are of course a serious business, but combined with our levels of service which are second to none, we are fun to work with.

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