If you are a Pensions Manager

We know that the job of a Pension Manager is more difficult and involved than ever. But we really understand what it takes to make things happen within a corporate environment – as we’ve the huge advantage of already having worked as pension managers.

We can give you that extra pair of hands to get you through a critical DB or DC project or act as a sounding board for your next big idea to move your scheme forward. This can include reviewing your current administration and governance services and practices, looking for wider cost efficiencies, updating your member communications, scheme redesigns, investment strategy etc.

If you require DC trusteeship

Whether your scheme is a single employer trust or a Master Trust, we can bring our extensive knowledge and experience of DC arrangements to help you. This can cover your overall governance strategy or us acting as an independent professional trustee .

Our qualifications and experience of working with many different types of organisations over the years, and our up to date knowledge of legislation and industry best practice , places us in an ideal position to help new or existing governance structures to best meet the ever-changing challenges and expectations of members, sponsoring employers and regulators.

See our DC Trusteeship page for more details.

If you are responsible for auto-enrolment

We have enormous experience of auto-enrolment implementations from the large and complex through to smaller, simpler situations. Our skills span the whole process from initial analysis and costing, through data and administration preparation, to communications for employees. Regardless of your size, we will ensure that you comply fully with the law in this very demanding and time consuming area.

See our Auto-enrolment page for more details.

If you are an HR Director

The compliance burden and complexity associated with pensions is more severe than ever. Because of this, your existing team may be so fully occupied with the day job that the projects which can really make a difference remain out of reach . You can access our expertise – in essence have us seconded to you if you wish – to help you develop and implement change projects in a highly cost-efficient manner. We’ll be the catalyst for getting the project off the ground – the extent to which you use us for communication and implementation is up to you, but we are fully able to deliver these areas to the highest possible standards.

If you are a Pension Provider or Asset Manager

Auto-enrolment and pension freedoms have changed the pension landscape forever. The attitude of sponsors, trustees and members towards pensions is quickly evolving and product design and distribution needs to change with them.

Our experience of working with and for sponsors, trustees, members and the major consultants, gives us an invaluable insight into what the market needs and how and what they will buy, enabling us to help you to design new products, evolve existing ones or simply test your current proposition in a cost-effective way.

See our Pensions Strategy for providers page for more details.

If you are a Finance Director

For many companies, pensions have increasingly come to be seen more as a cost burden than an employee benefit , even though the pension function still sits in HR. We can help you fully understand the cost implications of your plans, both now and in the future, as well as the impact of any changes under consideration.

We offer a wealth of expertise and experience in these areas, much of it derived from senior leadership roles in large corporates and consultancies, enabling you to access specialist skills at a fraction of the cost you might expect to pay.

If you are a Small Business Owner

You might not be able to justify employing specialist pension staff , but this is still a critically important area for your business. You’ll want tailored, creative solutions which reflect your specific requirements . And you won’t want to pay the fees which the larger consultancies charge. Our experience, creative approach and highly competitive charging structure mean that we could be the perfect fit for your requirements.

If you are a Third Party Administrator

We have an extensive knowledge of the TPA market . With many years of in-house and outsourced admin experience, we fully understand what constitutes industry best practice and what trustees are looking for. As true independents , we can also objectively critique what your company has to offer and benchmark it against your competitors.

If you are a large Employee Benefits Consultant

Sometimes clients can have a glaringly beneficial strategic opportunity, such as harmonising their pension arrangements in some way, but don’t have the time to commit to it. By working, in effect, as a part of the in-house team, we can be the catalyst that gets the project moving, to everyone’s mutual benefit. The client achieves implementation of a project in a highly cost-efficient way, whilst you benefit from your own role in a project which otherwise would not have come to fruition. We will work with you – and absolutely not compete with you – so that we pool our respective skills and experience in the most efficient way.

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