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One of Isinglass’ key distinguishing features is that we have real hands-on experience gained from directly managing large DB schemes and we’re proud to have worked with some of the largest employers and schemes in the UK. We offer much more than theories. We know what it takes to make things happen inside large organisations and have a proven track record in developing and implementing major change projects, continually innovating and driving at the forefront of industry best practice

We can help you:

  • With all aspects of your pensions strategy and delivery. Our previous experience as Pensions and Reward Directors means we are able to work as a reliable right-hand’ for stretched Pensions Directors, helping develop and implement pensions strategy, scheme governance and administration policies.
  • We can also manage major change projectsor provide independent project assurance.
  • Review operational arrangements, drawing on our extensive experience of the market and expertise in running very large schemes (both in-house and via third parties).
  • We can help identify, evaluate and implement the right administration provider and arrangements that will work best for you. We can then work as part of your team to introduce the changes that will improve the performance of your administration services.
  • Understand expected developments in DB provision and help you consider changes to your arrangements that will help mitigate future cost and risk. We can help you develop and implement clear strategies, such as restructuring, mergers or benefit redesign that perfectly aligns to your HR reward strategy.
  • Engage and negotiate with trustees about proposed investment, de-risking initiatives and benefits changes.
  • Perform best practice audits, helping you with regulatory compliance and governance.
  • Develop engaging member communications. We pride ourselves on our ability to make complex matters, clear. We believe that effective member communication lies at the heart of a well-run scheme.
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