What we do

At Isinglass Consulting we believe that experience goes further – we could list our qualifications filled with acronyms and initials until the cows come home, but it’s our experience that really counts.

We specialise in providing a full range of DB and DC pension consultancy services to employers, trustees, pension providers, investment managers and other business advisers.  We have acted for clients of all sizes across the UK since 2007 and our consultants have impressive previous industry experience in both Pensions and HR Shared Services, having all held senior positions in major corporates and large consultancies.

Bringing the outside in

We’ll bring experience, ideas, enthusiasm and responsiveness into the heart of your business providing advice in a clear and focused way. We’ll ensure that you can take advantage of the latest market developments and ideas by cutting through the noise and marketing gloss by only bringing to you those that are directly relevant.

We are proud to be refreshingly different. Our approach and unrivalled experience mean that we are uniquely positioned to bring the outside in, providing better, and more cost-effective solutions.


Experience goes further

Hedging our bets and sitting on the fence is simply not in Isinglass Consultancy’s DNA. Why would it be when our team of industry-recognised experts have worked as senior leaders of large consultants and in-house roles across the full range of corporate pensions services?

What’s more, our vision of consultancy is that our experts should also be ‘doing’, to actually make things happens for our clients. We don’t just ‘talk’, we ‘walk’ as well, and to use our experience to help to implement our advice in a smooth and efficient way

Clearer corporate pensions consultancy

Clarity and transparency are at the core of everything we do and we’ll always puts your best interests before our own.

We don’t provide complicated solutions where a simple, targeted approach will reap the same benefits. Nor do we use lots of words when just a few will do.

We also provide transparency in our charges, providing fixed fees wherever possible.

Our services

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