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We believe that governing a DC arrangement successfully requires a certain approach and attitude and so our first rule in relation to any DC arrangement is ‘put yourself in the members’ shoes’ – What do they really want? What do they actually understand?

Whatever the type of arrangement, we can bring our extensive knowledge and experience of DC arrangements to help either with overall governance strategy or as an independent member of the board/committee.

Trust based schemes

The requirements for governance for trust based schemes has increased in both content and formality over the last few years. Our experience in working with some of the largest and most complex DC schemes in the UK means that we can advise you of an appropriate strategy for dealing with these requirements. We can:

  • Provide you with an independent second opinion on any advice you may have received from your existing advisers.
  • Sit as a co-opted member of a trustee sub-committee e.g. administration, communication or investment sub-committees.
  • Join the trustee board as a fully independent, experienced and qualified trustee.
Contract based Governance Committee

The expectation for governance of contract based workplace pensions has hit new highs over the last few years from regulators and critically also from members. The introduction of Independent Governance Committees (IGCs) is certainly a major step forward, but their role is limited and cannot look at the circumstances of each employer. Having worked with contract based arrangements for the last 20 years we can:

  • Advise you of an appropriate approach on the setting up and ongoing running of a Governance Committee.
  • Provide you with a totally independent second opinion on any advice you may have received from your existing advisers.
  • Advise you as to how to work with your provider’s IGC.
  • Sit as an independent member of your Governance Committee.
Master trusts

The rules and requirements for the governance of master trusts have changed dramatically in recent times with the introduction of the Master Trust Assurance Framework and the imminent prospect of Authorisation. Understanding both best practice and regulatory requirements is essential. We’ve been involved in the planning, implementation and ongoing running of a number of master trusts in recent years and can assist master trust providers with advice on their governance approach or sit on the trustee board as a fully non-affiliated trustee.

Independent Governance Committees

The introduction of IGCs has dramatically changed the landscape for the governance of contract based workplace pensions, but there is a shortage of experienced DC professionals who have lived and breathed contract based DC governance for many years. We can sit on IGCs and bring our technical and practical experience to bear, so as to make a real difference to the outcomes of members of contract based schemes.